Big Dipper History

Sportsmanship Award

Jim Becker Sportsmanship Award
The 42nd edition of the Rich South McDipper Tournament will include a committee that will honor teams and athletes with Sportsmanship awards.
In following with the IHSA's "Sport a Winning Attitude" program, the McDipper will award both individual and team sportsmanship awards.
The team award, "The Jim Becker Sportsmanship Award," is named after the former Crete-Monee athletic director who had a great impact on coaches and athletes in regard to sportsmanship before dying of brain cancer in July 1994.
Additionally, a player from each participating team will receive an individual sportsmanship award.
Some of the criteria the Sportsmanship committee will use includes:
1. Teams and coaches treat their opponents, game officials, and scorer's table with respect during games.
2. Team representatives display exemplary behavior during games, traveling to games and any time in attendance at the Big Dipper.
3. Team representatives consistently project a strong image of their school and community at all times
4. Team representatives work hard toward their goals, while at all times doing their best to "Sport a Winning Attitude."

Jim Becker Sportsmanship Award Winners
2016—Gary Bowman Academy
2015—Chicago King
2014— Marquette Catholic (Ind.)
2013— Perspectives
2012— Chicago King
2011— Rich Central
2010— Joliet Central
2009— Rich East
2008— Tinley Park
2007— Marian Catholic
2006— Seton Academy
2005— Seton Academy
2004— Crete-Monee
2003— Peoria Woodruff
2002— Hinsdale South
2001— Hales Franciscan
2000— Dulles (Texas)
1999— Rich Central
1998— Hales Franciscan
1997— Hillcrest
1996— Rich South
1995— Eisenhower
1994— St. Laurence