Head Coach: D.J. Brown

Preview: Without any returning starters, the Titans will field an inexperienced group that’s looking to find an identity. However, Tinley Park owns some solid athleticism and depth with which to build. Looking to build around a solid senior class, the Titans again improved the quality of their schedule and opened the year at the Joliet West Thanksgiving tourney, where Jon Calhoun gained all-tourney honors.

# Name Position Height Year
 1 Tracey Brandy G 6-0 Sr.
 2 Tim O'Brien G 5-11 Sr.
 3 Marcus Stokes G 5-10 Jr.
 5 Michael Johnson G/F 6-1 Sr.
10 Vince Gooden G 6-2 Jr.
11 Jon Calhoun G 6-1 Sr.
15 Ryan Bunn G/F 6-5 Sr.
20 Sheamus Brennan G 5-10 Jr.
21 Eldgridge Anderson F 6-4 Sr.
23 Welbon Garnett F 6-5 Jr.
25 Orlando Lewis G/F 6-3 Jr.
32 Greg Martin F 6-3 Jr.
42 Olajuwon Harris F 6-3 Sr.
50 William Marcano F 6-3 Sr.